Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mason Jar Snow Globes

These little things are all over Pinterest and blog land so I decided to try it myself! I just love how the sun shines through the jars...looks like a winter wonderland! 

What you'll need:
Epsom salt (or fake snow from Hobby Lobby)
Clear glitter
Mason jar (I used pint size)
Minitature trees (Doll section at Hobby Lobby)
Minuture red birds (doll section at Hobby Lobby)
Hot glue gun 
Baker's twine or ribbon (optional)

** I've seen people use water in these globes, but that wouldn't work with my birds and I've heard the green from the trees will eventually make the water turn color anyway. 

1. First hot glue or super glue the birds to the tree.
2. Hot glue the tree to the bottom of the lid.
3. Put some epsom salt and glitter in the jar.
4. Put your lid on and turn over so all the "snow" falls to the top of jar.
5. Tie some ribbon or twine around the jar, if desired.

Ah, I just love how they turned out! Will make great gifts this Christmas!

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  1. These are gorgeous! You have some great stuff on here:) I'm now following you x