Thursday, July 9, 2015

Preparing for Baby: To-Do List

With only 4 weeks until our due date I think I finally have everything checked off my list except install the car seat which we are doing tomorrow! Here is a list I came up with. I hope it helps if you are planning the arrival of a little one too!

1. Wash all baby clothes, washcloths, towels, bedding, anything the baby will be using with baby safe detergent and put away. We had some Dreft on hand, but the homemade detergent I use for everyday is baby safe also! While washing all of his stuff with safe detergent, I went ahead and washed my nursing tanks with it too.

2.  Make cloth diaper safe detergent: Equal parts washing soda, sun oxy and borax

3. Prep and wash all cloth diapers, inserts and wet bags and put away. We are using Sun Baby diapers so my prep looked like this:
- Boil bamboo inserts 20- 30 minutes
- Wash inserts, wet bags and diapers. I washed the diapers 2-3 time as suggested on their website.
- Dry wet bags, inserts and diapers in dryer on high (diapers only dry in dryer 30 minutes, then hang dry rest of way if needed)
**Note that prepping is different than how you would normally do a regular wash
**I am also using baby washcloths as cloth wipes so I washed and put those away too

4. Make postpartum relief pads:
** You'll need overnight large maxi pads, witch hazel and aloe vera gel
- Mix equal parts witch hazel and aloe. Spoon a little on inside of each pad.
- Fold pad back up and place in freezer bag. I fit 20 pads in a bag and then double bagged it.
- Put in freezer until needed

5. Stock up on household essentials such as toilet paper, paper towels, disposable plates, shampoo, etc. Thank you cards/stamps would be handy to have also!

6. Buy ready to go snacks and frozen convenience foods. I bought granola bars, 100 cal snacks, some canned soups and ravioli, frozen pizzas, frozen breakfast sandwiches etc. for when we need something quick and don't feel like cooking.

7. Make some freezer crock pot meals. Here are the recipes I used! My bestie, Kylie, came over to help which made it much more fun!

8. Sterilize all bottles, breastfeeding pump and supplies as directed on packages.

9. Stock up on medications for baby! We registered for this essential kit at Wal-Mart which has everything we'll need for awhile.

10. Buy a baby book and fill out as much as possible before baby arrives. We got this one from Target.

11. Get preregistered at the hospital and attend birthing and breastfeeding classes.

12. Give the daddy to be a "hospital survival kit"! Father's day was a couple months before our due date, so it was perfect timing! I wanted to make sure he felt special and involved in all this too :) Here's what I included:
- Money for vending machine fund, travel size shampoo and body wash, toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, energy drink, chips, candy bar and a children's book.

13. Pack hospital bags!
* For Dad: Toiletries, shirt, shorts, underwear, socks, slippers and snacks (Last minute items: wallet, phone/charger, medications)
* For Mom: Toiletries, hair ties, crop pants, nursing tank, nursing pads, Lanolin, robe, slippers, nursing cover, hospital folder, comfy going home outfit and plastic bag for laundry (Last minute items: purse, phone/charger, camera/charger, medications, makeup)
* For Baby: 2 sleepers, 2 hats, 2 socks, coming home outfit (both newborn and 0-3 month just in case), receiving blanket, boppy pillow and 2 burp rags

Is there anything else you would add to the list?

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