Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY Ornament Ideas

For most of the years Derrick & I dated we got each other a Christmas ornament every year, so that when we got married, we would already have several to put on our tree!  A little tradition we have started is to exchange our ornaments as we decorate our tree instead of waiting until Christmas morning.

Not all, but several of the ornaments I have gotten him are ones that I made.

Here is one I made the year we got engaged. I got this blank wooden frame ornament at Hobby Lobby, painted it and used a paint pen to write on it. I then put one of our engagement pictures inside.

This is one I made for our dog, Ellie, the first year we had her. Again, it was a blank wooden ornament at Hobby Lobby that I painted and tied some ribbon on.

This one I made last year. You can find these clear crafting ornaments at Hobby Lobby.  I filled it with some sand and seashells we got while on our honeymoon in the Bahamas!

Finally, the one I made Derrick for this year is a copy of our house key. This way we will always remember our first home together :)  I also printed out our address and covered it with contact paper to keep from getting yucky.

Oh..and here is the ornament Derrick got me this year! Perfect, huh? ;)

What are some special DIY ornaments you have made or received?

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