Sunday, September 22, 2013

Book Page Pumpkin

I've seen these adorable pumpkins all over Pinterest lately and decided to try and make one myself! I found this old book at a thrift store for $0.50.

I tore off the front and back cover. (Save the spine for another project!) I then made a piece of cardboard the shape I wanted my pumpkin and used it to cut the pages out of the book. I started with this knife, but found it was easier to use scissors and cut a few pages at a time.

Once the pages are cut, hot glue the spine together. Then fan out the pages and glue a few of the pages together if necessary until the spacing looks about right. Finally, hot glue a stick to the top of the pumpkin and tie a ribbon. 

Now, remember I had you save the book spine?...just punch a hole at the top, tie a ribbon and you have a bookmark! 


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  1. Awesome! I recently saw some of these on Etsy and love them. Guess I need to find an old book to destroy now. I am a new follower and I hope you'll hop over and follow me too.