Thursday, November 21, 2013

DIY Sweater Pillows

I am loving my new sewing machine! Yesterday I tackled some sweater pillows. I ran to the thrift store up town and grabbed several sweaters for a quarter each. I also found a few pillows cheap so snatched those up too to use the stuffing out of them. 

First, I cut a square out of the middle of the sweater and sewed up three sides. 

Next, I stuffed it and sewed up the top.

While browsing through the dollar section at Target, I found these burlap bows. I hand sewed it onto the pillow.

This turned out to be my favorite, so I kept this one. I made several more though that I am selling on my Thrifty 31 facebook page, if you are interested! What shall I sew next?!

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