Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Laundry Room Reveal!

Another room is complete! This room was originally part of the kitchen, but since it's next to our back porch I thought it was the  perfect place for a laundry room. Now that we're in the country the majority of our time is spent outside so having a room where we can toss muddy clothes, shoes, etc was a must. 

First a look at the hallway in the back of the house.  The room with the curtain is the laundry room. I had seen this idea on Pinterest and thought it was brilliant. A door would have taken up a lot of room whether it swung into the laundry room or into the hall. A tension rod and curtain in the doorway was the perfect solution for this space.

The coat rack you see I made from a piece of pallet wood and small hooks I picked up for $1.00 something at Lowe's.

Now onto the laundry room....(sorry the lighting in these pictures isn't the best)

I found these metal and burlap baskets at TJ Maxx awhile back! Love.

My favorite part of the room, this drying rack! Made from part of an old baby crib, we used some ceiling hooks and chain to hang it from the ceiling.

And a vintage lace table runner used for a window valance.

Thanks for coming to look at another room in our home! Have a great Tuesday evening and a great Thanksgiving on Thursday!!

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