Monday, March 9, 2015

DIY No Sew Crib Skirt

This past weekend we got our crib and dresser built for the nursery! I knew I wanted some type of crib skirt so I could keep some things hidden underneath the crib for extra storage. 

I had seen some at the store but wasn't crazy how they looked and had heard they get bunched up when you have to lower the mattress as baby gets older. I decided to make my own so I could easily adjust it when needed and keep it the perfect length at the bottom.

I remembered I had some drop cloth leftover from a previous project. I measured and cut a piece for each of the two sides that show in the room.  Make sure the pieces are cut to the full length of each side so they overlap at the corners. (Drop cloth is already hemmed around the edges but if you have material that isn't and you want a finished look, just hem each side before hanging)

 I thought about sewing some ties on the drop cloth to tie around the metal bars on the bed spring, but remembered we had some binder clips and decided to try them out first. I simply clamped the drop cloth to a metal bar...

It worked great!! I'm so happy with how easy this project was and it cost me nothing! Yay!

That cube shelf was my other project this morning. Derrick will be happy when he gets home to see it already put together and not waiting on him! I love working on things for our little one! Can't wait to find out gender in a couple weeks and get some color in the room!! :)

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  1. That crib skirt was a very nice addition. It made the whole thing look more clean-cut and neat. It’s also a good place to store little baskets or boxes for storing clutters. And best of all, it did not even cost you anything. Thanks for sharing!

    Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store