Thursday, July 11, 2013

$15.00 Porch Facelift

Here was our porch before...not very attractive or inviting... 

I bought this new rug and it was my inspiration to make the porch feel a little more "homey". I really liked the brown, green and pink together.

First stop was Dollar Tree to pick up a couple pots and then Home Depot for some geraniums on clearance!

Next, Target for some new garden tools and gloves, also on clearance!

These cute little watering can hooks, the birdie and the metal/twine flower below were at Hobby Lobby. All of their Spring & Summer stuff in currently on clearance as well! 

This rusty plant basket was a 25 cent yardsale find! 

We already had this shelf and items on it at home.

Just a few more shots of the porch...

I like it much better and it only cost a few dollars!

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