Sunday, January 5, 2014

10 Inexpensive WINTER Date Nights

 If you missed my other posts, be sure to check out the Spring/Summer Date Nights and Fall Date Night ideas too! The great thing about date night is that it doesn't have to take a lot of money to have fun with your significant other. And, if you do have kids most of these can be done at home after you put them to bed. 

Be sure to keep these in mind for Valentine's Day coming up!

1. S'more Loving - Light your fireplace and make a s'more station with marshmallows, different kinds of chocolate and graham crackers. No fireplace? Try THIS or THIS indoor s'more recipe!

2. Indoor camping - Remember how you use to make forts when you were young? Why not now? Grab your sheets, pillows, blankets, maybe even a mattress! Cuddle up and watch your favorite show from when you were young or just spend some cuddly time together.

3. Board Games - Pick out some fun board games such as Sorry, Yahtzee, or Monopoly. Make it more fun by raising the stakes. Winner gets breakfast in bed the next morning, a 10 minute massage, etc. 

4. Breakfast in Bed - Serve up a hot breakfast for dinner instead of the normal candlelight dinner. Make a batch of pancakes or french toast along with some fresh fruit. Don't forget a yummy mimosa to drink by mixing equal parts champagne and orange juice. 

5. Nerf Gun War - Head to store and pick up some nerf guns. I've even seen glow in the dark ones that would be fun to turn off all the lights and play!

6. Theme Date - Make a theme to your date night such as Italian with a homemade pizza followed by a Godfather movie, Hawaiian with a yummy pineapple entree and tropical dessert or Fondue with cheese dipping appetizers, steak dipping dinner and chocolate dipping dessert. 

7. Spa at Home - Start off with a candlelight bubble bath. Include some grapes and champagne while you are soaking. Then gather up a towel and body oil and head to the bedroom to give each other a relaxing massage.

8. Christmas Lights - Throw on your pajamas, fill up a thermos of hot chocolate and bring along some yummy treats. Drive around looking at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music.

9. Indoor Miniature Golf - Head to your local indoor mini golf or make your own course at home! Borrow a toy golf set or hockey stick from your kids or a friend. Loser has to make milkshakes for dessert!

10. Dollar Date - Don't have much to spend on date night? Head out to dinner and order off the dollar menu. Then stop at the dollar store and each pick out one or two items you think will make the rest of the night fun. (Games, bath salts, dollar movie, etc).

Do you have any other great winter date night ideas? Please share with us!


  1. Cute ideas! my favorite is the nerf gun war, sounds like something my husband would like :) thanks for sharing :)

  2. Great ideas, Leah! Thanks so much for sharing this at Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!