Sunday, January 19, 2014

20 Mommy-Son Dates

I've posted about date nights with your spouse and most recently some mommy/daughter date ideas. Now here are some fun ideas for you to spend some quality time with your little man! 

20 Mommy-Son Dates

1. Bowling or skating.

2. Build a fort, pop some popcorn and let him pick out a movie.

3. Park picnic lunch and go play or fly a kite.

4. Go for a bike ride to get snow cones or ice cream.

5. Nerf gun war.

6. Nature scavenger hunt - go hiking and have a list of items to find. Come home and make a collage of the items you collected.

7. Barnes & Noble to read books or play at the train table.

8. Story time at your local library.

9. Go goofy golfing or make your own goofy golf course at home.

10. Go see a minor league baseball game and share a yummy treat.

11. Head out for a burger, fries and share a milkshake.

12. Plant a garden. Let him help dig and plant the seeds. Watering can be something you continue doing together each day.

13. Get frozen yogurt and then let him spend a couple of dollars at the dollar store.

14. Fishing or skipping rocks at the lake. 

15. Cook something up in the kitchen. Let him help measure and make it. Great learning time! 

16. Fill up some water balloons or your water guns and have a water fight.

17. Make a spy kit- give them a small bag or box and let fill with items from around the house. Pretend you are spies.

18. Make a ramp for his cars and have races. 

19. Craft - paint, build paper airplanes, make goop, etc.

20. Make a mommy/son date idea jar for future dates together! 

Please comment and share with us other ideas you have done yourself or heard of from someone else. Have fun dating your son!

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