Monday, February 3, 2014

Vintage Sewing Table Makeover

Last summer I picked up this antique sewing machine and table at a yard sale for $15.00! I ended up deciding to sell the sewing machine but kept the table for myself.

After a few coats of paint and a new drawer pull from Hobby Lobby, here is the after! 

I absolutely love how it turned out! 

 There was a decent size hole where the old sewing machine was. I didn't want to spend money to buy a piece of wood to cover it, so used my cutting mat instead. It worked perfectly and I can easily move my machine when I need to cut something.


I saw this great idea on Pinterst to use a muffin pan to sort your buttons by color.

This vintage fabric was given to me and I used it to make a matching seat pad and pin cushion. I love the colors and patchwork look of it.

Final before and after!

After selling the vintage Singer sewing machine, I ended up making a few dollars on this project! Ca-ching!


  1. I absolutely love this! I have an antique sewing machine and table currently sitting in my den. It is absolutely fabulous but in desperate need of a refinishing job. I have been wanting to paint it white since the day I brought it home from my husband's grandma's, and everyone else has discouraged it since it is an antique. This has given me the motivation to just throw some paint on it already and be done with it already because its darker finish does not match my new home office at all. Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks so much Melanie! I say go for it! A little paint can make such an impact! :)