Wednesday, February 12, 2014

World Travel Date Night: Russia

I am always telling my hubby about my dreams to travel. Seeing as though we can't afford a big trip now or anytime in the near future, I decided to do something a little different. I found the original idea on The Dating Divas blog but added many of my own ideas for decorations, recipes and cultural activities for each place we are going to "travel".

Each month for the next year I have made a date for us to travel to a different place in the world, but doing it right in our own home! Most of these dates cost next to nothing, just use items you already have. I used a large manilla envelope to hold smaller envelopes for each date. The smaller envelopes are filled with items we might need for that date such as recipes.

 The first place on our travel itinerary...RUSSIA! I chose to travel here first because the winter Olympics are currently taking place there. 

For dinner: A Russian dish of Beef Stroganoff

Activity: DIY Winter Olympic Games

1. Torch Race - Make a torch with a piece of paper and tissue paper for the flames. Run a lap around the house and time each other. Fastest time wins!

 (Notice I'm sporting my red, white and blue!)

2. Curling - Use painters tape to make squares at the end of your table. Each player will use a straw to blow their bottle cap until the first person reaches their square at the other end of the table.

3.  Slalom - Use painters tape to make a line down a hallway. Place plastic cups (flags) at various points. "Ski" around the "flags" without hitting any. Fastest time wins!

4. Bobsled - Use a piece of wood for your ramp. Use some toy cars, trains, whatever you happen to have around. Race your "sleds" to see who can reach the finish line first. We did best out of three runs.

For the winner of each game I found a small bag of mini Snickers wrapped in GOLD wrappers at the dollar store. Better than a gold medal, right?!

After our own Olympics we sat down and enjoyed the real thing on TV. This was such a fun date night! I love spending time with my husband and am excited that we have 11 more date nights already planned!

Be sure to stay tuned for next month's date to Ireland!

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