Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Best Friend Got Hitched!

About three years ago this cute couple started attending our church small group.We instantly began hanging out during church activities such as Trunk or Treat.

 Emily and I then joined an accountability group with a couple other girls and got to know each other even better.

Soon we started hanging out a lot more.We had crafty days and spent lots of time hanging out with our guys on the weekends having bonfires and game nights.

After spending a short time getting to know Emily & Josh, they quickly became some of our best friends! We were so excited when they asked us to be a bridesmaid and groomsman in their wedding! 

This past weekend we had the privilege of standing beside them as they declared their love to each other in front of family and friends.

Emily, I am so blessed to call you a best friend. You are one of the most caring, giving and fun people I know. Your love for life and others is something I greatly admire. Derrick and I have truly enjoyed getting to watch both of you grow in your love for Jesus and each other the past couple of years we have known you. Thank you for allowing us to take part in your wedding and in your lives. We love you!!

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As well as being a bridesmaid, I also go to help decorate with some of my Thrifty 31 Rentals pieces.

Here is a photo booth I set up using our 6ft ladders, burlap and lace backdrop and chalkboards.

We used our wood slices as part of the centerpieces. 

Shepherd hooks lined the aisle with flowers and ribbon. This is my favorite picture of them so far. Don't they look so happy?! :)

Our vintage bed frame , burlap runner  and various other crates and baskets filled with flowers made the perfect alter backdrop.

I am so excited to see the photos the photographer took of our rentals and of the rest of their day!

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A shout out to Jordan at LilyWhite.Designs  who made the bride's dress from her mom's original wedding dress and also the bridesmaid dresses! They all turned out so cute!

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