Sunday, May 27, 2012

Something's Cooking Sunday - #4

Welcome to another week of Something's Cooking Sunday! I plan my meals two weeks at a time. To see past menu plans look HERE. Now for the next to weeks..

May 27th-June 2nd

Sunday: Dinner with my parents

Monday: Grilled Italian Chicken; Peas; Corn; Bread

Tuesday: Chili Mac (This site has several other homemade Hamburger Helper meals as well)

Wednesday: Lemon Breaded Tilapia; Cresent Rolls; Green Beans

Thursday: Taco Pasta

Friday: Rehearsal Dinner (Congrats Kaleb & Alison!)

Saturday: Wedding (Congrats Kaleb & Alison!)

June 3rd-June 9th

Sunday: Hamburgers and Fries

Monday: Home Team (To find out more about Home teams and our church look HERE)

Tuesday: Diet Salsa Chicken; Rice

Wednesday: Speedy Ravioli Bake; Bread

Thursday: Cornbread Pancakes; Bacon

Friday: Pepperoni Pizza Wraps

Saturday: Grilled Chicken BLT Sandwich; Chips

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