Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Healthy Summer Lunch

I love Summer! You can't beat all the fresh fruits and veggies this time of year. One way to cut grocery expenses is to grow your own produce by planting a garden or landscaping with edible plants such as fruit trees or grape vines. Visiting local farmer's markets is another great way to buy fresh produce and prices are usually very reasonable. 

Another way to cut grocery expenses is to use all that fresh produce when meal planning. I am trying to plan at least a couple vegetarian meals each week to cut down on the cost of meat and to use up all the fresh veggies in our garden!

For lunch today I had whole grain crackers, cheese and grape tomatoes fresh from our garden!

I also had some fruit salad made up of cantaloupe, strawberries and red grapes. Unfortunately, our grape vine and strawberry plants aren't yet producing any fruit, so had to buy those. Still, a very inexpensive, healthy and delicious lunch! 

Anything yummy on your summer meal plan?

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