Monday, September 8, 2014

DIY Drop Cloth Shower Curtain

With a new house comes new opportunists for DIY projects! One of the first projects I tackled was this drop cloth shower curtain. I love the linen look of this shower curtain below from Pottery Barn, but for $99.00? No thanks!

I had seen several drop cloth window curtains on Pinterest (and am using some in my living to come soon!), so knew it would work for a shower curtain too! Drop cloth is durable and it has a similar natural look to the one from Pottery Barn, but for way cheaper!

Supplies Needed:
6ft x 9ft drop cloth  (Lowe's)
2 Grommet Kits (Hobby Lobby)
Extra long shower curtain (Bed Bath & Beyond)

The longest liner I could find was only 7ft long, so I folded over 2ft of the drop cloth to make it 7ft, the same length as the shower curtain. I pinned it in place so it wouldn't move when installing the grommets. You could also just cut off two feet and hem it, but I didn't want to put that much work into it lol

After I made the drop cloth 7ft long, I lined it up with the liner and pinned them together. I then made my grommet holes in the same spot as the liner holes.

Follow the directions on the grommet kit. I got extra large grommets and they were a little too big so had to hammer pretty hard to get them secure. Also, the grommets I got at Hobby Lobby came in a pack of 10, and you will need 11 of them. So be sure to buy two packs.

Once they are on, unpin the drop cloth from the shower curtain. The drop cloth actually ended up only being 5'5" wide, so I had to trim the shower liner a 1/2" to make them even.

Put your curtain hooks through the grommets and enjoy your new shower curtain!

More pics of the finished guest bathroom to come! Hope you all have a great Monday!

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