Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Edible Landscaping

Want to know a great way to save money AND have a beautiful yard? Edible landscaping!

The past couple years the hubby and I have been working a lot on the outside of our house. We decided that we wanted to plant things that would both look good and be beneficial to us.

One thing we wanted were a few trees in our yard that had none. We decided to get fruit trees because of course, they look good and provide free fruit! We have yellow and red delicious apple trees and a peach tree.

 Some of our apples! 

And some peaches!  

We already had one grape vine when we moved in, so decided to add a second to the other side of the yard this spring. Last year we made some great wine with these delicious grapes!

This year we also added three strawberry plants and made a bed for them to grow in.

We also have a garden full of peppers, tomoatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, potatoes and cilantro! 

We plan to plant a blackberry bush as well! Do you have any edible plants in your yard?

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