Monday, August 19, 2013

Fall Wedding Ideas

Anyone planning a fall wedding for this year or next? Never too early to get some ideas or even book your Thrifty 31 Rentals for the big day! 

We've got clear mason jars of various sizes that rent for $0.50 each! Our aqua mason jars rent for $1.00 each and also vary in size.  

These s'more favors are a great idea for a fall wedding. Hot chocolate is another idea that we had at our November wedding.

And, speaking of smore' awesome is this smores bar? 
 We've got the glass gallon jar with lid for the marshmallows. Also, some small galvanized pails, divided wood crate or this old strawberry carrier for holding the mini chocolate bars and graham crackers. Yum!

I love the idea of using unique things to hold cards. Our bushel basket, suitcase or aqua wood crate would work perfect. We even have a burlap "Cards" banner already made for you!

Having an outdoor ceremony or reception and think it might get a little chilli? How about some blankets for your guests! Could even get them as favors! A bushel basket would look great for fall or a galvanized wash tub or large dresser drawer would hold them well too. 

 Our wood crate would look great as a cake stand or could turn it on its side to hold cupcakes on the top and bottom.

I love this idea to fill an old sewing drawer with small pumpkins and gourds. Would look cute on the guest table!

Apple cider on a fall day? Yes please! Use our 3 gallon beverage dispenser to hold some at your reception.

 Use some apples to surround the bottom of the dispenser or jar to add another touch of fall.

For more wedding ideas be sure to follow us on Pinterest and "Like" our facebook page to stay up date on our latest specials and additions to our inventory. 

**All photos above were found on Pinterest. 


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